LBO - Release Notes


The following new features are available in LBASE Online Release 4.4:

  • Two-stage shipment entry (shipment pool)

  • Customer addresses

  • Contact form

  • LI integration: multiple field dialogue, validation of the logic interpreter during order entry

  • Field-related help (including for additional attributes)

  • Plausibility check of dependent date fields

  • Management of label positions

  • Upload function for quickly incorporating information about a shipment or order

  • Newstyle:  new icons and symbols in the application and documentation

  • LBO AddOn: designer and shipment templates

  • Default value handling for the LBASE Online AddOn shipment templates

  • Additional attributes in the selection dialogue for shipments and routes

  • Addition of the order number in the shipment (selection and edit dialogues)

  • Improved handling in the LBASE Online configurator

  • Documentation: target-group orientation through the division of contents for administrators and end users

  • Automatic calculation of cubic meters in the shipment description row when the height, width and length are entered

  • Revised shipment details: all shipment details are now displayed. The presentation has also been improved, for example by the functions being centrally displayed at the end.

  • Freely definable size (height and width) of pop-up windows such as the status selection and text length windows

Note: a full description of all non-linked topics can be found in the administration manual.